Should You Take Hormones When Going Through Menopause?

Menopause brings on significant life change for a woman. This period of her life typically begins in her forties to fifties. Menopause is not fully diagnosed until a woman has been a full year without her menstrual period. Along with a cessation of her period, menopause can often bring on hormonal changes that become difficult to deal with. It is important a woman understands the symptoms she might experience with menopause, so she will know when to see her doctor about hormone therapy.

Symptoms of Menopause

It is important women fully understand the symptoms of menopause, so they will know when and if they should seek their doctor for treatment. Menopause symptoms are now more manageable than ever before and women can take hormones to reduce their symptoms. The following are some of the most common symptoms women experience when they go through menopause.

Mood changes

Weight gain

Hot flashes and night sweats

Insomnia and sleep disturbances

Vaginal dryness

Memory issues

Difficulty focusing


Reduced energy

Bone loss

If a woman begins skipping periods and she is age forty or over, it would behoove her to visit her doctor to have her hormone levels checked. As menopause gets underway, estrogen levels will begin to drop and can bring on many of the above symptoms.

What Is Replacement Therapy?

When a woman's estrogen levels are reduced, it is important to understand the options for hormone replacement therapy. There are different options for hormone replacement therapy, depending on the woman's individual needs for replacement. Pills are the most common form and they are typically taken once a day to replenish the estrogen the ovaries should be producing.

Women can also use hormone patches that slowly deliver estrogen into the body. There are also topical creams that can be applied to certain areas of the skin for proper absorption. Those who would like to talk to the doctor about hormone replacement therapy or caffeine during pregnancy should schedule an appointment right away. With treatment, menopause can be much more manageable and will be less difficult to deal with. Hormone treatments can help to reduce the unwanted symptoms.